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Biodiesel Generators provides a one-stop-shop for any kind of use case, including:

  • Supply of plant

  • Planning

  • Finance and rebate structuring

  • Infrastructure, installation and commissioning

  • Biodiesel fuel supply

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance​

The use cases listed below are not mutually exclusive and any of our generators may be used in different scenarios or flexibly adapted according to shifting market and grid conditions.

Our Packages Cover

Emergency backup
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Emergency backup

Recent major power outages in Victoria have highlighted how poorly adapted government and centralised energy suppliers are for dealing with sudden grid impacts, including complete failure.

Biodiesel based generators can provide long-term, fast-response, high power energy security, independent of any major provider and without impacting sustainability or ESG requirements.

Baseload Power

When the various assistance and financing options are taken into account as a complete solution, biodiesel generators can often be one of the most cost-effective long-term solutions for baseload power or peak-shaving capacity whilst providing numerous other benefits not offered by any other energy options, green or otherwise.

Collective local ownership and microgrid integration is a particularly attractive option for users in remote locations.

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Baseload power
Energy trading back to grid
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Energy Trading Back-to-Grid

Trading in the Demand Response market allows business owners to amortise the capex and opex costs of their installation by feeding in during times of grid stress or peak load.

With the prospect of ever-increasing grid instability as more intermittent renewable installations are rolled out, this is expected to become a highly lucrative market.


Biodiesel generators are the only sustainable technology that can fill this market gap whilst remaining compatible with ESG demands.

Under structured joint venture arrangements, your business may benefit from one or more use cases (emergency backup power and peak load shaving for example) whilst another party derives utility from a different use case (such as revenues from supplying dispatchable power during peak grid loads).

Through our industry partnership agreements we provide a full consultancy suite to arrive at the best possible deployment scenario for your circumstances in a future-proof manner.

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