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About Biodiesel Generators

There is a growing shift in corporate attitude with large corporations recognising they need a social license to operate, so the use of fossil based fuels such as diesel is coming under review.


Biodiesel Generators is the first Australian service provider nationwide to offer 100% biodiesel fueled generators as a long-term option.


Business Value Case

Installing a Biodiesel Generator in your business comes with numerous benefits over both existing renewable technologies and more conventional energy supply arrangements.


High capacity, rapid response on-site power using green sustainable fuels offers advantages that are simply not available with other energy supply options.

Three Scania  branded biodiesel generators and large free standing fuel tank being refuelled by tender truck

100% Biodiesel Powered

  • Locally made

  • From reclaimed waste vegetable oils or energy crops

  • 100% renewable

  • 100% carbon neutral

  • Bolsters national fuel security

  • Contributes to local economy

Aerial view of two footprint shaped lagoons in a lush forest

ESG Compliant

  • Certified B100 fuel supply

  • Carbon reduction certificates provided

  • Opportunities to claim Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

  • ESG Letter of Guarantee provided for underwriting insurance guarantees, ISSB and upcoming AASB compliance

100% Biodiesel
ESG compliant


  • Remotely monitored

  • Unique maintenance program

  • Redundancy plan available

  • Manufacturer's engine warranty specifically for biodiesel fuels


Clean and Silent

  • Less than 70dBA @ 1m noise emissions

  • Biodiesel reduces exhaust particulate emissions of carcinogenic particles (<0.5 um) by up to 80% compared to standard mineral diesel

Super silent

Income Earning Capabilities

  • Become an operator in the electrical wholesale market

  • Demand response

  • Large Generation Certificates

  • Frequency Control Ancilliary Services

  • Capacity Contracts

  • Power Purchase Agreements

  • NSW Emerging Energy Program

  • Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader


Flexible Options

  • JV opportunities

  • 10-year finance options

  • Can be configured with solar or other hybrid power setups

  • Reducing peak power charges

  • Forward selling capacity to an energy trader

Income earning capabilites
Flexible Options

The Role of Generators in the Energy Mix

Little is understood about the role embedded diesel generators play as Australia maneuvers its energy mix to balance the grid.

With the uptake of intermittent renewables, the retirement of base load coal-fired power stations and the pressure placed on our large gas peaking plants, embedded diesel generators have an important role in critical electricity response applications.

Embedded diesel generators are called on as a last line of defence when the grid reaches its maximum stress point, i.e. when electrical demand outstrips electrical supply during low sun and wind cycles.

These generators support a business while it uncouples its electrical load from the grid (curtailment), or generates electricity that can be exported (dispatched), with both options taking pressure off the grid.

The business of curtailing loads or contracting backup generator capacity can be quite lucrative for dedicated critical response aggregators that trade such curtailment and generation capacities into the Demand Response (DR) market.

We can provide guidance on the optimal use case and funding structure to suit your requirements, resources and to best leverage existing infrastructure at your chosen location. Contact us today to find out more.

Australia's only 100% biofuel generator package supplier

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