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Andrew Peace Wines Installation
The clean green alternative to diesel generators

Biodiesel Generators is a joint venture between Renewable Baseload Generators and Staunch Machinery Australia to deliver 100% approved and warranted biodiesel powered mobile and fixed generators.


Factory ready for events, projects or back up for business with a total biodiesel delivery and servicing support package to anywhere in Australia.

100% Biodiesel Powered

All our turnkey solutions come with a 100% green fuel supply package and biodiesel-ready engines

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Super Reliable

Comprehensive remote monitoring, maintenance and biofuel-specific warranty program

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Super Silent

Custom baffled enclosures and internal acoustic treatment developed in-house specifically for this product line

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Unique Finance Options

Consultancy to assemble the optimal combination of subsidy, rebate and grant options with industry partner involvement

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Income Earning Capabilities

Various pathways to earn revenue streams or create repayment schedules against capital outlays

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Why Biodiesel Generators

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** Nationwide service **

2/3 Merri Concourse

Campbellfield VIC 3061


image of email address enquiries at biodiesel generators dot com dot A U

0417 978 426

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